ILT Minutes

ILT Retreat

July 27, 2010

ILT Retreat Slides

Members Present:

Mark Kunimune

Lezlie Shirk

Rolf Werner

Daniel Nanio

Yvonee Wiggs

Suzanne Acheson

Greg Shamburg

Susan Krause

John Holmes

Pamela Warner

Essential Learning

Reconnect, energize & empower ILT

To determine instructional & professional course for 2009-2010


Backward planning—Start with the end in mind

Academics in CTE

Establish ILT Norms

  • Stay focused and on task  (No email, homework, grading, side conversations, etc)
  • Start on time and end on time
  • Be Professional
  • Parking lot for non-agenda items
  • Set times for agenda items
  • Timekeeper
  • Add PD tip & review as an agenda item

Freewrite– Daniel   WIIFM (What’s in it for me?)

WIIFM (Responses from team members)

  • 100% of our students achieve
  • Want to see a higher level of rigor across the school
  • 75% of our teachers on board by the end of the year (try new ideas)
  • Share ideas to help students be more successful
  • Effectively manage time in and out of the classroom
  • Have the whole school on the same path with EL, BAV, etc.
  • Become a stronger leader in the direction that we’re going
  • Learn how to better collaborate better with instructors, create a stronger collaboration with the focus on student achievement
  • Build own capacity, feel comfortable in talking in a supportive setting.
  • Team approach for instructional growth at Pickens Tech
  • More teachers doing math in CTE
  • Creating an atmosphere where everyone’s “in the know (Good communication)
  • Higher trust level between ILT and Admin, and the ILT comm & staff members
  • Making learning more fun
  • More ways to assist 2nd language learners
  • Have ILT members facilitate the ILT meetings
  • Re-activate the Learning walks

Daniel requests that we set up a sheet to jot down parking lot ideas

Parking Lot Sheet

Who’s in ILT and what are the expectations?

Seeing success—then show it to staff

How do we show the big picture to faculty?

Recap some of the things from last year for everybody,

Example: BAV & EL—reemphasize/reiterate the purpose

Suzanne & Daniel

Review of  May 7th ILT Planning mtg with Vickie Weeseman

Each program differs so far as determining the success of a student, Cosmo has state boards, Rolf’s program has AC testing, others are more individual…

First Wednesday of each month will be Department meetings,

2nd and 3rd Wednesdays will be  Instructional PDs

The last Wed of the month will be Data team

What do you hope to accomplish or get our of ILT?

August 11, 2011

Members Present:

Mark Kunimune.

Mark Van Cleave

Daniel Nanio

Suzanne Acheson

Yvonne Wiggs

Greg Shamburg

John Lawson

John Holmes

Steve Spaar

Sharon Dacus

Dean Stecklein

Rolf Werner


  • Celebrations
  • Feedback for Today’s PD
  • Develop framework for 8/18/10 Data Team PD
  • Develop framework for 8/25/10 Instructional PD
  • ILT membership criteria
  • ILT PD

Feedback on Today’s PD

Everyone was engaged. It went well.

Was the handout for each individual or one per group?

“I enjoyed seeing my commitment again.” –Let’s do the activity again maybe at semester?

“A year is a long time to review one’s goals.”

Admin Visits How are they doing?

NO class visits from Admin =25

Has stopped by =20

Stopped by and visited with students=25

Next ILT is 8/26 which is a Thursday, Wednesday is Back to School Night


Not everyone has done the formative assessments.

We need to be supportive of those that haven’t and help them.

How do we help that process for instructors?

Instructors like to discuss and work with each other to share good ideas and teaching strategies that work.

Let’s keep the data on paper and not compile it in Excel like previously.

Have someone else do the Excel piece, (data entry).

Lezlie joins the group to ask permission to speak briefly about STARS–granted

Can we get the core group to reconvene for an afternoon to discuss feedback and modifications for STARS?

Can we do it after school? – as some of us do not want to take class time

(3 agree that after school will work for them)

How is this year different than last?

Seems more organized- we like what Brad is doing.

Different students!  They get out pencil and paper to take notes!

Second year students are explaining why its important to keep a journal voluntarily, without his prompting.-Greg

Greg has more non-trad students (females).

More PS students.

Placement should be better from HS’s as a result of ICAPS– Dean

LIGHTS and STEM is making a difference – Mark K.

John H. has a high ratio of PS students


Write down successes or challenges on poster sheets from each group

Be clear about what’s needed on the data sheets.

Be sure to talk about desired results. –Suzanne

The average 22 year old student will have 14 career changes before they’re 38. -Dean

Getting the agenda out BEFORE the PD was great—John H.

What needs to happen to make the most of our PD time?

Give us the information we need to have to be prepared for the meeting in good time and more teachers will come with the items we need.

Tally the feedback sheets and select the top 3-4 items to determine what direction to go for the next mtg.

The data team groups needs to remain intact for at least 3-4 weeks to collect accurate data.


John H. doesn’t mind facilitating, but he is PART of a data group.  If he is facilitating it takes him away from his group and he is no longer a participating member.

ILT Membership Criteria –Daniel

Vicki Weisemen was concerned that ILT isn’t progressing in the district, thus the continuum.

Basically, a format/outline/plan to promote growth. The document can be downloaded at:

Daniel suggests that we chunk it out.  Read through it and ask yourself if you’re willing to make that kind of a commitment—if so we would become FOCUS teachers.

Suzanne—some of us already are FOCUS teachers, teachers that Suzanne and Daniel spent more time with observing their classrooms and new teaching strategies, John L., Greg S, Sharon R, Evonne

To meet compliance and establish longevity we need to have more teachers involved, however this means a commitment.

“There are only two of them (Daniel & Suzanne) and 56 or so teachers” -Dean

This will help us to become better at our craft.

Future members must meet the criteria—REVIEW THE DOCUMENT!  We must be in agreement. There are some of us who may decide we no longer want to be a part of ILT.  This is a long term commitment.

“most of this comes right out of your master agreement” -Dean S.

Should we send the document out to the whole staff electronically, and ask for those that might like to participate, let them know when the next ILT mtg is? -Suzanne

Do we want to open it up that way?

Read the document. E-mail feedback to Admin.

Whetstone -297 page report on Supply & Demand Jobs

-There is a high demand for IT jobs

45 minute assigned duty—APS hasn’t had it in over 20 years.

August 26, 2010

We’ve agreed as an ILT group that we would share a PD bit at each mtg., -Daniel

Daniel wanted to know if we had questions about yesterday’s PD regarding EL.


Dean says that he sees in most classes (on the whiteboard) tasks to be done instead of EL.

More rigor and deeper questions.

He also sees more instructors going deeper into their curriculum earlier in the year.


Do we revisit our EL throughout the day?

Do we summarize it at the end of the class period?

As I ‘m putting it on the board, I’m thinking, Is it a summative or is it a formative? – Greg

EL & BAV are research based –Dean

How many of us have shared with other staff the discussion about EL & BAV outside of ILT?

We should be discussing this with others to help others.


First 30-40 minutes will be the Five-year Plans, thereafter we will meet in Departmental Meetings.


We need to complete our 2nd & 3rd quarter goals!

Educate from the sub conscious –M.Kunimune

“We can do things to teach our students without saying a word.

Everything in our classroom “speaks”.”

Posters on the wall work on the subconscious mind.

Mark K. relates the story about a kid who sat in the back of the class. The teacher moved the poster. The student came in the next day and said, I need that poster to get through the day!

AP students increased dramatically with the use of posters. -Dean

The posters are like our EL & BAV -Suzanne

Forced groups challenge people to get to know others,

Dean relates how that was something that scored highly on the Supt’s bulletin, report, newsletter?  “We just don’t know how to communicate and share yet?”

Evidently, there has been a lot of negative feedback with staff being assigned into groups,

“I’m a professional, I can choose.”

Can we reiterate how we’re going to do that? (2nd & 3rd quarter goals) –Daniel

“We’ll send it out again so that we can see it, via e-mail” -Mark K.


We have a NEW ILT member –Mr. Joe Bowen! -Intro by Mark K.

Shall I leave it out there for a week and then close it?—Mark K.

The group agrees.


The e-mail wasn’t only for new members, but to also reconfirm our (ILT members) commitment. –Mark .


Mark K. –No place for hate designation for the school.

“It’s not just the racial thing, its everything.”

We have more non-trad students, so the goal is to do one equity training every other month.  Do we want to do an equity piece around gender for the 4th PD?

John H. –“Let’s not do the same ole thing that we always do. “Let’s really get into it.”

It’s like a hammering of the stereotype of the “White, Christian Male”.

“I would like us to really do something substantial, lets talk about those things that are below the iceberg.”

When we talked about gender at the training those were some of the most challenging pieces to share.-Susan Krause

“In my classroom its never been an issue, in fact the white male is the minority” “It wasn’t an issue until they sent that survey around, then it took almost two solid weeks for things to settle down. . .” -Rolf

Susan K. asks “How?”

“The car doesn’t care.”  The only time it becomes an issue is when it comes to strength, I teach female students how to use their body weight for leverage.

“It was never an issue, until somebody made it an issue. We become a team. . .” -Rulf

What I’m hearing, Yes, we need to do this?– Mark

Affirmative from the group.

“I think there’s plenty to talk about.”-Joe Bowen

“Good, let’s really sink our teeth into it.”-Mark K.


I’m hearing from others, “Why are we using PD days to learn more about STARS?”

How does ILT feel about that?

“Should we have Kelly help us with this?” –Mark

“Thank you for last week’s all staff mtg.  It was a value of my time and I think Admin did a good job with it.”

-John H.

September 8, 2010

Members Present:

Mark Kunimune

Suzanne Acheson

John Lawson

John Holmes

Steve Spaar

Greg Shamburg

Susan Krause

Dean Stecklein

Pamela Warner

Are there  teachers that have said they DON’T want learning walks in their classroom? -John H.

They need to respond to the e-mail that was sent out and let us know. –Mark K.


This morning’s PD was a celebration!

PD TIP —Suzanne A.

There is a lot of emphasis on journaling and writing in the classroom, however there are also a lot of mathematics going on in our classes. If there is a math concept/graphs/charts involved there are different ways to take notes on them and integrate them into their daily notes. Have students draw the graph out and then using the 2-column method have them describe the graph. Use sequential steps. Put it in terminology that makes sense to them.Create a process sheet.

PD Tip

What kind of support/coaching do focus teachers need? –Daniel

Let’s focus on one area of the chart this year.  Lets choose now. – Mark K.

Members don’t feel ready to choose one, they’d like to review the document more.

Let’s begin with Demo Class. –Mark K.

Leave with us with a question—that makes me think. –John L.

From experience add’l support goes a long way. –Daniel Nanio

Mike Townsend commented on how he felt it was beneficial to meet in the small groups, however we need to take it a step further by organizing groups with instructors that have similar curriculum.  -Suzanne

Socratic Seminar worked well –let’s do it again, perhaps use more probing questions.

Use this as a forum to ask other teachers, “How do you do this?” (questions based on learning walks)

Second Quarter Goals –We need feedback on that.

Send them to Mark via e-mail.  We want to present them on September 29th.

Next PD is the Data Team PD.

Supposedly, there’s a presentation that each group will be doing.

Not everyone was aware of this. Do we continue along that vein or what?


1. Measured results.  Filled out data sheet.

2. Bringing measurable data back to the group.

Do we post the info or send it out to everyone?

We want to make sure that all of our PDs are powerful.

Can we tie this PD back into the data PD?  By observing what other teachers are doing successfully.

Send formative assessments that worked particularly well to Dean.

Who wants to facilitate the next ILT mtg? -Mark K.

Greg Shamburg volunteers.

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